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Zing Pantry Oomami Seasoning

Les As du Fumoir


About this product

Ooomami is the answer to “is it missing something?" or "does it need more salt?” It’s supercharged salt and pepper, but way better! Add ooomami to any recipe for a boost of flavour and depth minus the effort. Try it with: grilled veggies, stews, steaks, fried rice, crackers, eggs and popcorn


• Made in Canada • Product Language: English • Shelf life: 12–24 months • Storage: Shelf-stable • Weight: 60.01 g (2.12 oz)


Contains: Sesame Salt, Dried mushrooms, Spices, Sesame seeds, Dried seaweed, Garlic powder, Dried chili peppers

About Zing Pantry Shortcuts

Hello, We're Zing! We work in collaboration with some of your favourite chefs and food creators across North America to bring the secret sauce to your home cooking — quite literally. Our one-of-a-kind sauces and seasonings are designed to be pantry shortcuts: single ingredient flavour-boosters that can instantly elevate the flavour of whatever you’re making. Just add Zing (and if you want, nothing else, not even salt!) to season any protein, veggie, or carb and make brag-worthy meals in as little as 15 minutes, without breaking a sweat.