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About Collected Joy

I first opened up Collected Joy in October of 2014 after 15+ years in the marketing and advertising world. My first job ever was at the Lollipop Shop in St. Paul, Alberta where I learned all about customer service and how to calculate change in my head. I feel like all the work I’ve done from then to now has led me to building and growing this business.

I actually wrote a business plan before opening up the store.

I knew I wanted to create a space that was going to be welcoming and authentic and inspired and comfortable and fun and stress-free and joyous and filled with laughter and connections.

I knew I wanted to to sell mostly small-batch, Canadian-made designs because of the wealth of creativity that exists in this country.

I knew I wanted to become part of a larger community of small business owners that I could learn from, collaborate with and appropriately call Economy Builders.

I knew I wanted customers to feel like their experience in the store was special.

I knew I wanted the designers I work with to feel like I’m just as passionate about their products as they are.

And I knew I wanted to build myself a job that I was going to love doing every single day.

So after 5+ years, that’s what I’ve done with the help of an amazing team, genuinely lovely customers from all over and incredible designers.  And now I’m striving to convey all of this via this online channel. And like the actual retail locations, this channel is going to be a work in progress, under development and being tweaked regularly so I can make sure we are giving you as much of the in-store experience as we can via the world wide web.

Xo, Sharon