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KARAKURA Stainless Steel Shaker 3pc 500mL



Three piece shakers are the shakers of choice for bartenders and mixologists who aspire to perfect the Hard Shake, a technique invented by world renowned Kazuo Ueda, who owns a bar called Tender in Ginza, Tokyo. According to him, using this technique allows you to aerate the drink (reducing the harshness of the alcohol and resulting in a more pleasant mouth feel) and chip the ice in a way that will not dilute the cocktail. This shaker has a stylish appearance that makes it a great addition to any kitchen or bar. The smooth and sleek design ensures it will fit easily in any space. The stainless steel construction makes this shaker durable and easy to clean. This shaker has a capacity of 16oz and includes the strainer that is integrated into the lid. It is great for mixing, shaking, and serving drinks.

  • 17oz (500ml)

    • 3 pieces
    • Japanese design
    • Integrated strainer