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What's Your F-ing Destiny?

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Make your f*cking dreams come true!

It's about time you wrote your own story. What's Your F*cking Destiny? can help you write it with insights and tips tailored to your astrological chart that make creating the life of your dreams as easy as being yourself. Ever wonder why you can't sit still and meditate to save your d*mn life? Or how you can turn gratitude into cash? It's all in your astrological DNA. With info on all twelve signs of the zodiac, you'll discover manifestation methods that work for you.

- How can an Aries level up at work? Visualize themselves kicking ass.
- What can a Libra do to secure that happily-ever-after they crave? Surround themselves with people who raise their vibe (and cut out any toxic a**holes who take advantage).
- How can a Capricorn feel good as hell? Relax that death grip and let the universe do its thing.

Embrace your cosmic nature and you can manifest a job you love, supportive relationships, a life that lights you up, and anything else you put your mind to. It's all up to you! So, What's Your F*cking Destiny?