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W&P Bartender Knife



Carefully crafted from water-resistant hardwood, polished brass and high-quality steel, The Bartender's Knife is equipped with a multi-purpose blade that allows you to peel, slice and pick your cocktail ingredients. The Bartender's Knife also comes with a natural sharpening stone to keep your cuts precise over time.

Materials: Polished Hardwood, Brass, Premium Steel Blade
Size: 7 in.
Hand Wash Only
Includes Sharpening Stone

Sharpening Instructions:

Soak Stone for 20 minutes. 

Place wet stone on towel.

Sweep knife at 20` angle from one corner to opposite corner 10 times.

Flip knife over and repeat step 3 in opposite direction.

Repeat steps 3&4 until desired sharpness is achieved.