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That's Life! Looking for the Living Things All Around You

Raincoast Books


Mike Barfield

illustrated by Lauren Humphrey

A beautiful guide to life on Earth for children aged 8+. Packed full of illustrations, exciting experiments-and even comic strips- That's Life! encourages young scientists to start looking for the living things around them.

Life is everywhere on planet Earth. Jungles, deserts, seas, plains, fields and forests-all of them teem with life but, amazingly, you can also find lots of living things hidden in your home, and even hidden inside you! Join Sherlock Ohms and his companions on a brilliant biological adventure, seeking out all kinds of life, including the life forms hiding in your own home!

That's Life! Is the follow-up to The Element in the Room .

Mike Barfield is a comic writer, cartoonist, poet, and performer. He has worked in TV, radio, books, newspapers, and magazines - as well as schools, libraries, and museums.

Lauren Humphrey is a London-based illustrator. Her colorful, quirky illustrations have featured in the New York Times, the Guardian, and Anorak magazine.