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Sloane Tea for Three Loose Leaf

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants


This resealable pouch is packed with three servings of loose leaf tea. Perfect for solo sampling or sipping something new with a pal.

BOLD BREAKFAST: A classic mix of CTC and Orthodox Assam black tea leaves rich and full bodied in flavour with a robust character and earthy linger.

CITRON CALM: Whole chamomile flowers blended with sweet notes of citrus for a smooth bodied and honeyed linger. 

EARL GREY: Ceylon and Assam black tea blended with natural oil of Italian bergamot for a classic citrus character.

HEAVENLY CREAM: A rich blend of Ceylon and Assam black tea balanced with notes of Italian bergamot and creamy Madagascar vanilla.

MASALA CHAI CLASSIC: Rich Assam black tea blended with a medley of traditional spices for a bodied and heated finish.

MARRAKESH MINT: South-African green rooibos delicately blended with a medley of mint for a refined and refreshing finish. 

PEACHES & CREAM: A beautiful blend of white tea infused with the natural sweetness of peach and finished with a vanilla top note.

BLUEBERRY ROOIBOS: Canadian blueberries from Quebec blended and balanced with red rooibos and a touch of hibiscus.

ROUGE PROVENCE: South-African red rooibos blended with French florals and berries for a refreshingly refined and honeyed finish.

VANILLA BEAN ROOIBOS: South African red Rooibos is blended with the richness of Bourbon Vanilla, creating a smooth infusion that is naturally sweet.

MINT CHOCOLATE: Ceylon and Assam black tea blended with peppermint leaves and the richness of Brazilian cocoa nibs.

GINGER TWIST: A warming blend of lemongrass, heated ginger notes and whole fruit pieces that burst with depth and flavour.

OOLONG CREME: A high-mountain oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains of China with a smooth butter-like richness.A high-mountain oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains of China with a smooth butter-like richness. 

CRIMSON BERRY: A fully fruity blend of cranberries, blueberries, elderberries and hibiscus, creating a bodied infusion filled with rich berry notes.

EARL GREY LAVENDER: Ceylon and Assam black tea blended with fine French lavender and oil of Italian bergamot.

PERFECTLY PEAR: A refined pairing of a delicate White Peony white tea blended with the sweet succulence of Asian pear.