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SOUL Chocolate

soul chocolate


Eggnog White Chocolate:
We have distilled the essence of eggnog into white chocolate. Nutmeg and Madagascar vanilla bean contribute to the classic flavours, and the white chocolate base gives it a creamy, mouth coating texture of the drink itself.

100% Dark Chocolate: Intense. Picture under ripe strawberries. It finishes slightly dry, reminding us of over steeped tea. The texture is remarkable - buttery, creamy, delicious. A little nibble goes a long way!

India 73% Dark Chocolate:
This chocolate is bursting with flavours that remind us of wildflower honey, dried apricot, and prune. 

Peru 83% Dark Chocolate:
As the chocolate melts on your tongue, flavours of almond emerge first and foremost, followed by black tea and spice. At 83% we are really impressed at the balance of flavours and low astringency.

Assam Tea 50% Milk Chocolate:
You have just poured yourself a nice cup of tea! We refined the Assam tea directly into the milk chocolate base. The tea on its own is rather intense and slightly astringent but the sweetness from the chocolate balances it out nicely. 

Columbia 85% Dark Chocolate: When we first tried this cacao, dried cherries and chocolate pudding came to mind. The finished chocolate has some acidity, but it is matched nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate itself. This 85% bar could fool us into tasting like a 70%, but don't take our word for it - try one for yourself!

Cookies & Cream White Chocolate:
It's sweet, (but not too sweet) it's crunchy, and its our take on the classic cookie & cream bar we ate as kids. It also tastes pretty great frozen, too.

Dominican 70% Dark Chocolate:
We love this chocolate because it is well balanced, with classic caramel and fruity flavours. It delivers an approachable single origin chocolate experience, enjoyable on its own or paired with your favourite red wine or dark beer.

Gingerbread 60% Dark Chocolate:
When breaking open this chocolate bar, the fragrances from the spices billow out. Make sure to let the chocolate melt slowly on your tongue for the best experience. The spices work in harmony to create that classic gingerbread flavour.

Guatemale 68% Dark Chocolate:
This bar has a unique acidity that reminds us of clementine. It finishes dry, bringing back memories at mom and dads; enjoying a nice cup of tea sweetened with honey.

Lavender 55% Dark Milk Chocolate:
This bar has a unique acidity that reminds us of clementine. It finishes dry, bringing back memories at mom and dads; enjoying a nice cup of tea sweetened with honey.

Madagascar 60% Dark Milk Chocolate:
You decided to stack your favourite dark and milk chocolate bars on top of one another and are nibbling away at the glorious chocolate sandwich.

It's the best of both worlds - This chocolate bar reminds us of toffee with a touch of fruitiness. It's a chocolate that you'll want to go back to have seconds, and then realize its already been eaten!

Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate:
Every time we nibble on a piece of this chocolate, our tastebuds light up in excitement. With flavours of homemade raspberry jam and overripe citrus, this bar is a sure winner. Try this with your favourite red wine for an out of this world experience.

Masala Chai 60% Dark Milk Chocolate:
Being transported to the markets scattered across India and being blown away by the intoxicating smells of fresh spices. This chocolate bar may be packed with spices, but it is approachable. The sweetness of the dark milk chocolate brings a perfect balance to your tastebuds.

Matcha White Chocolate:
It reminds us of a matcha latte with a dash of honey. It is sweet, but not over the top, in your face kind of sweet. The matcha carries an intensity that brings a perfect balance to the white chocolate base. 

Mocha 60% Dark Milk Chocolate:
If we somehow managed to transform your favourite mocha (expertly made from your friendly, local barista) into pure chocolate bar goodness. The coffee isn't overpowering, but blends perfectly into the creamy dark milk chocolate base.

Mountain Flake Salt 70% Dark Chocolate:
It tastes like sweet and salty heaven. Since we add just a touch of salt to the back of each bar, it doesn't overload your senses. As it melts on your tongue, you'll experience bursts of chocolate, and then salt, and then more chocolate! 

Peppermint 66% Dark Chocolate:
Girl Guide Cookies, hands down! Another childhood memory that can't be beat. The mint in this bar is upfront (even with the aroma), but it isn't all you taste. Our Dominican chocolate contributes fudgey, caramel notes that work wonders with the mint oil.

Tanzania 80% Dark Chocolate:
This bar is predominately fruity yet balanced by a brownie like flavour and buttery soft texture.

VEGAN 63% Dark Milk Chocolate:
Creamy and delicious. The coconut isn't upfront but it is there, especially on the finish. It reminds us more of caramel with coconut saying a big hello in the background. 

Venezuela 75% Dark Chocolate:
It reminds us of opening up the pantry and getting hit with the intoxicating smell of fresh cinnamon and oats. Next, picture those spices mingling with roasted almonds just pulled from the oven.