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Sloane 50 Sachet Pouch (5 varieties)

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants


Our whole leaf sachets offer the luxury of loose leaf tea in the most convenient way possible. There is absolutely no fuss, as each tea bag is pre-filled with a calibrated amount of tea and the pyramid shape allows for optimal flow of ingredients. Each pouch is resealable and contains 50 whole leaf biodegradable sachets. Due to availability, tea may come in a plain black pouch.


BOLD BREAKFAST: A classic mix of CTC and Orthodox Assam black tea leaves rich and full bodied in flavour with a robust character and earthy linger. 

EARL GREY: Ceylon and Assam black tea blended with natural oil of Italian bergamot for a classic citrus character.

HEAVENLY CREAM: A rich blend of Ceylon and Assam black tea balanced with notes of Italian bergamot and creamy Madagascar vanilla.

MARRAKESH MINT: South-African green rooibos delicately blended with a medley of mint for a refined and refreshing finish. 

SIGNATURE BLACK: A signature blend of a spring darjeeling and bodied Assam tea that will delight with its fresh, full richness and refined finish.