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Shiny Koala Cocktail Pick

Collected Joy


110mm (4.3'')

When it comes to cocktail accessories, adding a cute little animal pick to the rim of your glass is a must. This adorable koala pick is the perfect little addition to your glassware collection. Classy and cute, this accessory is ideal for any cocktail party. Its adorable design is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. This cute little animal has a cheeky yet endearing expression that will make everyone smile. An elegant and stylish way of serving up your drinks and cocktails. It can prick or support all kinds of cocktail garnishes, such as cherries, olives, orange zest, fruits, flowers and leaves, and can either sit horizontally on the rim of the glass or in the glass vertically.  Durable and reusable, this pick is also easy to maintain and therefore hygienic.