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Rebels Refinery Remedy Rollers (3pack)

Rebels Refinery


About this product

Introducing our remedy rollers 3 pack, 100% natural essential oils. The 3 rollers you need at the right time.

Wakey Wakey for difficult mornings packed with Lemon oil: energizes, helps with creativity & positive thoughts (mood) Rosemary oil: helps with focus Peppermint oil: refreshing & energizing, helps with headaches


Make stress an ex when your boss, significant other, or mom is harassing you around OR when the due date on an assignment/big project is TODAY Grapefruit oil: gives positive energy boosts, calming, anti-anxiety Orange oil: helps with relaxation & gives a feeling of happiness Lemongrass oil: relieves stressful thoughts and muscular pains, anti-anxiety


Sweeter dreamzzz to help you sleep every night like a babyyyy: Lavender oil: promotes sleep and fights insomnia, helps with relaxation Chamomile oil: acts as a natural nervous sedative, relieving restlessness Marjoram: helps you achieve a GOOD and DEEP sleep