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Ma's Kitchen Chocolate Buttercrunch Bars (3 flavours)

Ma's Kitchen


Welcome to Ma’s Kitchen

I am proud to carry on the tradition of making delicious homemade candy from a recipe that evolved over generations in my family. Ma was my grandmother. I have many wonderful memories of the time I spent with her in the kitchen. At Ma's side I learned the secrets of cooking and baking using the finest ingredients, and the greatest of care. I took Ma's wisdom and her special touch and began to craft the delectable treat known as "Crunch" on my own.

Crunch is made with an incredible crisp buttery caramel candy poured over freshly chopped almonds and pecans. It is topped with white, dark or milk chocolate, and beautifully finished by hand with a contrasting chocolate drizzle, and fresh pecans, almonds or cashews. It has a clean bite, and it melts in your mouth. One taste and you'll be hooked!