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Mai Lin Reminder Bracelet

Mai Lin


Here's how I describe or explain the Mai Lin Reminder Bracelets to a customer ... 

You put it on and wear it and love it and live your life ... when it eventually falls off, I tell people to think about the person who gave it to them or what they were feeling/doing when they got it for themselves ... and then think about all the memories and wonderful and hard and amazing things that happened to them/around them while wearing it ... cherish those moments, appreciate them, send up a prayer of gratitude for them and then let them all go and keep moving forward with your life. 

These bracelets and the maker who creates them are magical to me and I hope they are to you too. 

I add a note with the bracelet so if you are gifting it, the lucky person will know the idea and magic behind the gift.  

*Each bracelet is handmade in Toronto with different beads and design of beads. When you order this bracelet, you will get this specific wording but the colour of the beads may vary.

A little bit about the reminder bracelet:

* Dainty
* Can be worn alone or paired with your favourite jewelry
* 100% Silk
* Every one is unique and made with a combination of stones, pearls, gold filled beads, and glass beads. Yours won’t look exactly like the one pictured but will be very similar!
* Versatile & so pretty with any outfit
* Each Bracelet Measures 9.5 Inches in Length
* Ties on with a double knot and stays fastened to your wrist