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Just Smitten Fleece-Lined

Just Smitten


Hand-sewn mittens from upcycled wool sweaters!! No two are alike! Hand-sewn by Pat who is also a community hero, aka school teacher! 

Every one of a kind pair of smittens is made from 100% upcycled wool sweaters. With a choice between a fleece or cashmere-lining these sustainable and cozy winter accessories are incredibly warm. 
-One size fits most
-Made with love in Toronto 
-Materials sourced from local second-hand stores 

All fabric is machine-washed in hot water and run through a hot dryer before sewing. 
Hand-washing and air-drying your smittens is recommended to maintain their shape and fit.

Because they are one of a kind, we can’t guarantee colour or pattern! You can leave us a note with colours you’d like but it will be hard for us to accommodate ... the great news is they’re ALL FABULOUS!!