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JOY JOLT 3 pc Slim Cocktail Shaker Set, 24 oz

Joy Jolt


The first thing you’ll notice about the JoyJolt Slim Cocktail Mixer Set is the margarita shaker shape! Not all hands can handle a wide large cocktail shaker, and not every drink is alcoholic! So you can use it as a morning iced espresso shaker, for a midday shake, and evening martini set without anyone batting and eyelid!

* 24oz Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

* Cocktail spoon long handle

* Double Liquor Measuring Jigger 0.5oz and 1.0oz

* Cocktail Kit Recipes with Glassware Parings for Show Stopping Drinks

* Bartender Set Shaker features Unique Slim Design For Handheld Comfort * 6.5in Cocktail Maker Cup and 7.5in Cocktail Mixing Spoon. Spoon won't fall in your drink! * Liquor Shaker Lid Features Built In Cocktail Strainer for Drinks * Hospitality Grade Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker * Easy To Clean: Dishwasher Safe Alcohol Shaker Set * Freezer Safe, Fridge Safe Alcohol Shaker Stainless Steel

* Gift Boxed Bar Set * Rust Proof, Leakproof Mixology Kit
Made in China