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Collected Joy

This Isaac Jacobs Vintage Style Brass & Glass metal frame, with a retro inspired locket closure combines the look of antique frames with the design of contemporary frames. Whether you fill the frames with beautiful landscape shots or everyday moments of joy, your favorite photographs may look like works of art. Featuring trim, metallic edges, and a matching angled base, this frame is a sophisticated addition to any desk, shelf, cabinet, or mantlepiece in the home. To create the “floating” effect, insert a photo that is smaller and secure with a tiny piece of tape. The classic design and simple functionality of the locket closure completes this modern metallic frame’s vintage charm. Gently slide up the bar to raise the clasp and insert a photo. Slide down to securely close. This elegant frame makes a perfect display choice for hotel and restaurant counterspace and a wonderful way to celebrate special events. {NOTE: THIS FRAME DOES NOT STAND HORIZONTALLY AND CANNOT BE MOUNTED ON A WALL!}