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Keep in touch with your past, present, and future selves with this unique book of letters.Enjoy this new and inspiring look for the bestselling Letters to . . . series with artwork by Sophie Douala.

The ultimate self-care gift!

Nourishing your relationship with yourself is vitally important at every stage of life, and now you can do so in style with this modern and brightly illustrated redesigned package.

Write letters to yourself-just like entries in a diary or journal-then postdate and seal them up with the included stickers. Assign a date for future opening and don't peek until the time arrives. In the years to come, break open your letters like a time capsule to appreciate the past and all that you've become. Included are 12 letters that have the same classic prompts from the original Letters to My Future Self, such as:- These are my roots . . .
- Where I want to go . . .
- I never want to forget this . . .
- A pep talk for the future me . .

A NEW TWIST ON AN OLD FAVOURITE: Created by Lea Redmond, author of the bestselling Letters to . . . series that has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide, this fresh twist on the classic format with art from Hsinping Pan is a timeless baby keepsake.

A GREAT GIFT FOR NEW BABY: Inspired Letters to My Baby is a unique gift for expecting parents or a great add-on for a baby shower or first birthday gift. This paper time capsule encourages deep connections between mother and child or father and child, capturing special moments with a little one during early parenthood to share in the years to come.

PERFECT KEEPSAKE: The finished set of notes makes a great gift for a graduation, a milestone birthday, or a wedding day. Fans have praised the special value of a child having a sample of a parent's handwriting to cherish.

Perfect for:- Baby shower or new baby gift for parents
- A fresh twist on a guided journal or memory book to capture special moments with a child to share in the future
- Single parents or couples looking for a creative way to remind a child how important they are to the family
- Fans and users of other bestsellers in the Letters to . . . series looking for a new aesthetic approach