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The women's Circle

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Anoushka Florence

The Women's Circle is your practical guide to hosting women's circles with intention, purpose and meaning, making them a healing and empowering experience of gathering community.

A women's circle is a gathering of women in order to share, experience and relish in each other's company. They are the ultimate safe space", a place where women can commune, open up and feel seen and heard. Spiritual healer Anoushka Florence invites you into this sacred space - a space for you to explore and remember the true power of feminine energy.

Beautifully illustrated with full-color photography, The Women's Circle is a practical and inspiring guide to hosting circles of your own. Including the history of circles, the importance of gathering, and steps for hosting 35 different rituals with the women in your life - a bridal blessing, mamahood blessing, memorial circle, new love circle, grief circle, sun circles, moon circles and circles to honor the change of season.

Seeking to revive, reclaim and remember the tradition of the women's circle, The Women's Circle will bring back to life this ancient feminine practice illustrating the benefits, healing, and magik that occurs when women gather. This is an opportunity for the reader to call in their community, gather and connect. Never has there been a more important time to rediscover the power of women's circles.

Anoushka Florence is a UK based author and founder of The Goddess Space. Inspired by her own spiritual journey, she went on a quest to create beautiful sacred spaces to support, hold, and empower women. Her work is based on ancient spiritual feminine practices that are grounded in the belief and knowing that the power to heal, manifest and live the lives we dream to live comes from within. Through her well-known women's circles and online spaces, Anoushka reclaims and creates the opportunities for women to honor, celebrate and remember the rites of passage, the hidden meanings and the true power each woman can step into throughout her life. Anoushka's deepest intention in her work is to help women remember. Anoushka offers women's circles, women's circle training, one-to-one sessions, sacred online communities, pop-up events, as well as private ritual gatherings, including bridal/baby blessings. Having worked with companies such as Facebook and Vogue and travelled to the biggest festivals such as Wilderness and Wanderlust and overseas to spiritual bohemian havens such as Tulum and Sedona, her work has spread from her intimate living-room to pop-ups all around the world. Anoushka draws upon her ancestral wisdom, her life experiences and the spiritual teachings she has learnt along the way. She has trained over 800 women worldwide on how to hold their own circles too, committing to the deep intention of reclaiming the circle and restoring this ancient feminine practiceto women. The Women's Circle is her first book.