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Doodle By Number For Holiday Lovers


  • Improved focus – doodling is known to be the most accessible way of helping the mind relax so it can process information
  • Helps to manage emotions – doodling is a safe method to process emotions, converting negative feelings into neutral, without judgement
  • Greater productivity – doodling diverts the mind easily, and within five minutes can completely refuel much needed energy and a sense of clarity
  • The act of doodling while listening reinforces the brain to pay attention
  • Creative freedom – doodling helps connect seemingly disparate ideas come together for increased innovation and new ideas
  • Playfulness – the opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression. Playfulness in life, including work, increases satisfaction and purpose.
MELISSA LLOYD is an international doodler, award winning designer, teacher, author and inspirationalist. Combining twenty+ years of experience in professional design and communication with her passion and connection to humanity, psychology, art therapy and mindfulness; her inspirational and transformational approach infuses a deep understanding of self. By teaching soul–care through creative practices, Melissa encourages you to learn how to navigate the stormy seas of life, reducing stress and rejuvenating your mind. "Always Be You... For You." Melissa lives right next to the sea in Nova Scotia, Canada