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Dillon's Small Batch Bitters

Dillion's Small Batch Distillers



Being a part of the parsley family, angelica offers a strong celery-like flavour which makes it the perfect add-in to your Caesar or Bloody Mary. The lemon backdrop gives added complexity.

Aromatic DSB

Our hard working multi-purpose bitters.Aroma of cherries, with overtones of vanilla, cloves, allspice, and cassia providing the complex of flavours and scents.

Black Current
A rich bitters created from only local black currants harvested from the distillery and natural botanicals.Perfect way to give your Manhattan a twist or even a G&T.

Cranberry with anise and a touch of white pepper. Ahh.

Made using only fresh ginger and other natural botanicals, the Ginger Bitters gives a little kick to any cocktail! Even great to cook with too.

Hot Pepper
A rich bitters created from only natural botanicals & local hot peppers. Add a dash to your favourite cocktail to add complexity.

Lemon scent and taste, with highlights of cardamom and coriander among the spices adding flavour.

Lime and more lime, with red peppercorns providing a bite at the finish.Perfect for everything from a Moscow Mule to a classic G&T.

Crafted using a combination of orange varieties, accented with fennel, cardamom and verbena, with a smoky overtone, these are a must-have for your Old Fashioned.

A Dillon’s + BYOB Cocktail Emporium collaboration.
Fresh Niagara peaches and basil from the distillery garden.

Overwhelmingly pear, with vanilla, ginger and cubeb to add a slightly peppery finish.

A rich bitters created from only local rhubarb and natural botanicals.Great for summer cocktails or in your Rye & Ginger!