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Deliciously Wickt Match Bottle

Deliciously Wickt


Deliciously Wickt Match Bottle - Pink Tip is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

New to the accessories line, pink four-inch-long stick matches in a recyclable glass jar. These matchsticks are PERFECT to compliment your home with its modern decor design.

Are you afraid of burning off your fingertips with those tiny matches? Can you picture your acrylic nail melting off as you try desperately to light your favorite candle? Same here! This is why I wanted to find a match stick that gave me LOTS of finger room and lots of time to light my candle wicks. These four-inch matches are long enough to reach into our largest jars!

Grab this environmentally conscious product to add to your candle collection, and say goodbye to barbecue lighters going into our landfill. These also make a cute decor piece for the perfect shelfie pic!


Four inch matches

PINK tip or WHITE tip or BLACK tip

Quotes: quotes on bottles are put on at RANDOM- it’s like a fortune cookie every time you order!
Qty: 30 Matches
Strike match right on back of the bottle!
Recyclable glass bottle
Used matches are 100% compostable. Do not discard unused matches as they can become a fire hazard. Keep away from pets, children and any flammable items.