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Collected Sparkling Beaded Necklace (8 colourways)



Hello Colour! Hello Fun! Hello Style!  Hello perfect addition to any stack!!

We have a whole bunch of glorious beads to layer together or with your favourite gold chains or to wear all on their own.

14KT Gold Filled clap, 2-2.5mm necklace,  16″ length

PERIDOTsymbolizes good fortune, prosperity, emotional healing, and playfulness

BLUE TOPAZ: represents loyalty and righteousness, is associated with true love, which is clear-sighted, trust, relationships, and communication

TOURMALINE: promotes inspiration and happiness, reduce fear, and build self-confidence among its users.

RUBY SAPPHIRE: associated with improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor and compassion

AFRICAN TURQUOISE: the stone of evolution, bringing about great change and transformation in life.

PINK MOONSTONE:  associated with the power of the Divine Feminine and all things associated with love, sensuality and fertility.

AMETHYST: Cross-culturally, this popular gemstone was used as a symbol of peace and unification. It is also thought to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness in those who wear it. Amethyst is often used during meditation to provide an overall sense of spiritual balance.

LIGHT TURQUOISE: Turquoise, the captivating sea-green stone of the ancients, represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. Ancient peoples believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and its association with enduring love

PINK OPAL: Often referred to as the 'stone of spiritual awakening,' pink opal helps with self-healing and rejuvenates the body and mind. Pink opal is also considered to be a meaningful gemstone for someone to hold if they are struggling with a broken heart.

KYANITE: Kyanite is also known by the names of disthene, rhaeticite, and cyanite. It has a translucent look and comes in shades of blue but also green, black, and orange. The meaning of Kyanite is logical thinking and healing.

LAPIS: Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest spiritual stones known to man; used by healers, priests, and royalty, for power, wisdom, and to stimulate psychic abilities and inner vision. It represents universal truth. Lapis quickly releases stress, allowing for peace and serenity.

AQUAMARINE: In the language of gemstones, aquamarine represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth. In ancient times, aquamarine was thought to protect those at sea. It was believed to make sailors fearless and safe from adversaries on the open waters.