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Chiyogami Designs, 40 Thank You Cards with Envelopes

Raincoast Books


Send a sincere thank you" on these colorful traditional Japanese inspired note cards.

• 8 UNIQUE DESIGNS: Each box includes 8 different Chiyogami designs - 5 cards of each design. Using primary colors like cobalt blue, cardinal red, vivid yellow, gold, and black, the colors and designs used add a classic and sharp look to each card. Meanwhile, the images of fireworks, folding fans, winding mountains, waves (seigaiha) and koi fish artfully capture the traditional designs seen in Japanese artwork, kimonos, and photographs.

• 40 BLANK, FOLDED CARDS: Whether you're writing a thank you card for a wedding, graduation, or birthday, these 40 blank cards allow you to personalize your own message Each card measures 4.5x3 inches and opens horizontally.

• 41 Envelopes: With 41 sealable envelopes simply slip your handwritten card in; address and add a standard USPS stamp. Your gratitude will be sent with ease. The envelopes measure at 5x3.5 inches, which meets the U.S. Postal Service requirements for mailing with a standard stamp.

• Inspired by Traditional Japanese Artwork: Chiyogami stems from two words: chiyo (meaning "1,000 generations") and gami (meaning "paper.") This reflects the ancient history of chiyogami, a design inspired by kimono fabric patterns and woodblock printed paper. The designs incorporate images that typically symbolize beauty, nature, or good fortune, such as butterflies. Coupled with simple colors, these cards offer a meditative and peaceful look, specially designed for a thoughtful thank you message.