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Book of Me

Raincoast Books


Illustrated by Ben Javens

Daily journal for children aged 9-12 to promote self-knowledge, confidence, happiness and emotional well-being.

Children love to explore, born with a boundless desire to understand the world around them. While most of the outside world has already been mapped, there's a whole other world that has yet to be discovered, one that's accessible only to them: their own minds.

The Book of Me is a guided journal promoting self-discovery in children ages 9 to 14. With beautiful illustrations by Ben Jarvis throughout, the book takes readers on a journey inside themselves, helping them explore their mind, moods, imagination, bodies, and relationships.

Written in a warm and engaging tone, The Book of Me helps kids create a rich and unique self-portrait through fun exercises, including:

- Keeping a mood diary
- Writing down what emotion a song makes us feel
- Making up new words and their definitions
- Channeling Picasso by drawing an object or person in a new way
- Using shared knowledge to make friends
By writing, drawing, cutting out, and coloring in, children can begin to untangle the mysteries of existence and work out who they really are-and who they might become.

Combining psychology, philosophy, and sheer fun, The Book of Me introduces children to the vital art of self-knowledge, showing how it can help us grow into calmer, wiser, and more rounded human beings.

- OVER 50 FUN ACTIVITIES AND EXERCISES for children to help them develop their self-awareness.
- EMOTIONAL LITERACY encourages children to explore how they think, feel and experience the world around them.
- ENGAGING ILLUSTRATIONS BY BEN JAVENS encourage kids to creatively explore mind, body, imagination, moods, relationships, and future.
- PAPERBACK WITH FLAPS for kids on the go.