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Blue & White 24 NoteCards

Raincoast Books

With 24 cards and 8 unique designs, receiving a handwritten note in one of these will make your friends and family smile! Blank inside, these cards convey a heartfelt message for any occasion.

8 UNIQUE DESIGNS: Each box includes 8 different Blue & White designs - 3 cards of each design. Focusing on two colors - blue and white - these cards showcase their richness and versatility. Featuring motifs of flowers, seashells, mountains, and whimsical patterns, these cards are fitting for any occasion.

24 BLANK, FOLDED CARDS: Whether you're sending a card for a wedding, graduation, or birthday, these 24 blank cards allow you to personalize your own message Each card measures 4.5 x 3.75 inches and opens either horizontally or vertically.

25 Envelopes: With 24 sealable envelopes simply slip your handwritten card in; address and add a standard USPS stamp. The envelopes measure at 5 x 4 inches, which meets the U.S. Postal Service requirements for mailing with a standard stamp.The 24 envelopes provided feature a blue & white design to coordinate with the cards.

Inspired by Traditional Japanese Artwork: Common in shibori and sashiko, blue and white have an extensive history in Japan. Traditionally, white represents purity, truth, simplicity, and humility. Blue signifies calmness, stability, and security. Combined, these two colors are often emblematic of water, reflecting nature and the flow of life - common values in Japanese culture. What emerge are enchanting cards that echo both life's impermanence and simplicity.