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Bibliophile ERASERS

Raincoast Books


This clever set of erasers, made to look a little stack of books, is perfect for bibliophiles!

Featuring the art of Jane Mount, this set of 4 rectangular erasers are set inside a die-cut box with their spines" facing out to mimic the look of a bookstack. Each eraser's sleeve is decorated with bookish illustrations, featuring faux covers of classic books. Paired with the rest of the Bibliophile gift line, this colorful eraser set is an irresistible self-buy and a perfect gift for bibliophiles.

UNIQUE ERASER SET: Perfect for anyone who loves reading or writing, this eraser set looks like a delightful stack of books.

PERFECT FOR BIBLIOPHILES: Jane Mount really knows books-from genre fiction to classic literature, from cookbooks to contemporary nonfiction. Her deep knowledge and the charm of her illustrations will resonate with true book nerds. This eraser set, along with the rest of the stationery line, will be one that bibliophiles will be proud to use and gift.

Perfect for:

book lovers of all ages; stationery fans; fans of Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf, and BIBLIOPHILE; stocking stuffer shoppers; people looking for bookish gifts; teacher gifts; student/college gifts; consumers who shop on Out of Print and similar book-themed web stores.