Delish and Delightful

Who doesn’t love an amazing piece of organic, ethically sourced, roasted in Toronto chocolate? And then there are chocolate bars that are filled with the craziest things like potato chips, pop rocks, caramel corn or gummy fish! How about your favourite tea to pair with those favourite ‘you-time’ moments? And try pairing your tea with some of the best small-batch shortbread from St. Catharine’s, Ontario. Or a handful of sweet, low sugar and good for you candies from an incredible Vancouver 20-something phenom? And what about a single-forest maple syrup from Quebec that make your pancakes perfect? And who loves to explore the worlds of mustards and hot sauces and interesting salts and honeys? Any and all of these are in my house at any given time and they are also the absolute best hostess gifts ever.
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