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SOUL Chocolate Easter Eggs

soul chocolate


SOUL Chocolate Easter Eggs - MALT CHOCOLATE NOUGAT is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.



    Elevate your Easter basket with our chocolate nougat egg. The fluffy malted nougat centre is loaded with roasted cashews. It is then coated in a creamy milk chocolate shell, that we make in house!

    This egg might be worth hiding for yourself to find this Easter.  This nougat has a lovely crunch to it from the roasted cashews. The malt powder makes the nougat reminiscent of a Mars bar (with better ingredients, sorry Mars).

    RASPBERRY MARSHMALLOW:  Brighten your basket this Easter with our raspberry marshmallow chocolate egg! Pillowy marshmallow is blended with ribbons of raspberry, all before being coated in a creamy milk chocolate shell.

    This treat is sure to be loved by young ones, and those young at heart.  It reminds us of an elevated version of a Viva Puff (minus the graham cracker). The freeze dried raspberries, on their own, are rather tart. But once we mix it into the marshmallow, it sweetens up nicely. Combine that with a milk chocolate shell, it's like you're on cloud 9, if that cloud was a marshmallow.

    VANILLA CREAM:  Share a little seasonal sunshine with our vanilla cream egg. Salted caramel 'yolk' using jaggery (unrefined cane sugar from India) is surrounded by a creamy, cane sugar based 'egg white' fondant. It is then coated in a rich dark milk chocolate shell. Finally, a splash of colour is added to the outside of the eggs with coloured cocoa butter.

    This may be the only egg that is best enjoyed morning, noon and night! This egg is our playful take on the traditional creme eggs that we grew up eating. The salted caramel cuts some of the sweetness from the fondant. Plus, the caramel is slightly chewy so the texture is lovely. The dark milk chocolate shell goes hand in hand with the filling, and is easily devoured.


      • organic cane sugar
      • organic cacao
      • organic cashews
      • whole milk powder
      • organic cocoa butter
      • malt powder
      • egg whites
      • cream of tartar
      • citric acid


        • We use our dark milk chocolate for the shell. 
        • Each pack contains 1 filled chocolate Easter egg
        • Shelf life is 2 months from date of manufacture
        • We use natural ingredients to colour the cocoa butter
        • Soy free chocolate