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Whitewater Balsam Fir & Citrus

Whitewater Premium Candle Company


Whitewater Balsam Fir & Citrus - fir/citrus 9oz enamel is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This beautiful candle is our signature candle line offering old world charm in replica enamelware containers. Subtle blemishes and imperfections have been crafted into the enamelware to replicate an antique container that can be re-used long after your candle is done burning. Available in a single-wicked 9oz container and a double-wicked 18oz container.


Balsam Fir & Citrus - The fresh scent of Canadian fir needles and sandalwood blended with cinnamon and clove, leafy greens and sparkling citrus.