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The Focus Journal

Collected Joy


An Undated Productivity Journal 

Based on the bullet journaling method, The Focus Journal is an undated daily planner designed to increase productivity, well-being and getting things done. 


Goal Setting and Flexible Templates

The Focus Journal features very flexible templates for goal tracking, calendar views, and daily journaling pages. 

Our customers are list making addicts, their favorite feature has been the simple task list that they can prioritize and track their progress visually. They also love the fact that the journals allows them to use one spread for several days and that no page goes to waste. 


Lots of Room For Your Notes!

In addition to the goals and task list, the daily spreads include a full dotted page for notes. There are also additional notes pages at the end of the journal, so the journal doubles as a notebook!


Build Positive Habits

You'll have space everyday for tracking positive habits and writing your daily gratitude or positive affirmations because we all know how important that is!