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One Card, One Small Step Toward Positive Change
Even though the saying goes Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others," it can feel overwhelming to prioritize your own self-care. How to even begin? According to recent research on the psychology of micro-actions, real change begins with a single small step. Starting small allows you to keep a promise to yourself, reinforcing your own self-worth while taking incremental action toward big change.
Perfect for a nightstand or desk, A Good Deck: Take Care of Yourself is full of accessible, positive suggestions for self-care-themed simple steps divided in 6 categories: MIND / BODY, YOUR SPACE, NATURE, COMMUNITY, WORK, and PLAY with micro-actions, such as:
• Write yourself a thank-you note for something you did last week and put it on your desk or bathroom mirror.
• Step outside today forthe sole purpose of feeling the sun on your face.
• Fill three water bottles with ice water and leave them in strategic places around the house, close to where you like to spend time. Hydration is now within reach!
• Spend five minutes on a task that's been difficult to start. If you get stuck in the first minute, try to outline the task and revisit the basics of what needs to be done.
• Wipe down a surface of your home that might need a little extra attention.
• Text someone you haven't reached out to in a while - "Just thinking of you!" is enough.
• Go into a closet or a quiet room, shut off the lights, and set a timer for just a few minutes. Close your eyes and enjoy the sensory deprivation.

One card at a time, one day at a time, readers can take these small actions to care for themselves and begin a lifelong journey of happiness and self-love.