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SOUL Chocolate Easter Bunny

soul chocolate


    Easter is just around the corner, and it always brings back memories of eating way too much chocolate. Who hasn't devoured a solid chocolate easter rabbit in one sitting...

    Say hello to our Chocolate Easter Rabbit. We use Madagascar 60% dark milk chocolate - known to us as the bridge between milk and dark chocolate. We take this a step further and caramelize the milk powder which adds a beautiful caramel undertone, and when mixed with Madagascar cacao, it creates a flavour that is unlike anything else.



    You decided to stack your favourite dark and milk chocolate bars on top of one another and are nibbling away at the glorious chocolate sandwich.
    Our chocolate easter rabbit gives you the best of both worlds - It's dark but not too dark, and it contains milk (like milk chocolate does) but it's not cloyingly sweet. It brings us back to our childhood, while enjoying the solid milk chocolate bunnies (but with less guilt!).


    • organic cacao
    • organic cane sugar
    • organic cocoa butter
    • whole milk powder



      • We use the same beans as our Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate
      • We caramelize the milk powder, giving this chocolate rabbit a rich, toffee like flavour
      • Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture
      • The inner pouch is home compostable and the outer box is recyclable
      • Soy free chocolate