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Short Run


Kingston Road Village is a magical neighbourhood filled with schools and homes and families and businesses and restaurants ... it’s the neighbourhood where even if you don’t know who you’re standing next to in line while waiting to get your fave book or grab your burger, you chat with them anyway. Kingston Road Village is the inspiration behind the entire Neighbourhood t-shirt series ... ❤️❤️❤️

Short Run Designs is a subbrand of Collected Joy and the premise behind it is that I do small-batch runs of the T-shirts or totebags with various local street names.  Once stock gets low or I sell out, I get a new batch done with all new street names!  We are already on Batch 007 and these are the streets! Batch 008 will have a whole new batch of neighbourhood streets.  If you're wondering if your street will make the next design, email me at sharon@collected-joy.com and I'll add your street name to the list!

These designed-in-Toronto beauties drape amazingly well on all body types. The sleeves are kinda cap-like and flattering on all of our arms - I promise! And the back of the shirt is a little bit longer than the front. This style pairs gorgeously with a long sleep T underneath :)

52% cotton

48% polyester