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Pokoloko THEO Alpaca Socks



    Bring on the boots with these in the deepest days of winter, or wear them when you refuse to have cold feet. This is an ultra thick, stretchy, non-itchy, breathable sock - we affectionately call it the ‘mega’ sock.

    We traveled South to find the best socks the world has to offer. We partnered with local Peruvian farmers and makers and created a series of custom-made, premium socks for all ages.

    Peruvian alpaca is one of the highest performing natural, technical fibres with remarkable thermal properties. Alpaca allows air circulation on warm days, and heat insulation on cool days. In this way, alpaca is able to prevent sweating in warmer weather, and contain heat in colder weather.

    This alpaca blend sock is ideal for those looking for a comfortable sock fit with premium warmth, and/or for those on the move. ​​As a bonus, alpaca is one of the Earth's most sustainable fibers to make, because alpacas and alpaca fiber harvesting have a very low environmental impact. Adventure more, worry less.

    Materials 42% alpaca, 32% acrylic, 18% nylon, 3% lycra, 5% spandex
    Colours Black, Grey
    Origin Peru
    Unisex Suitable for all
    Benefits Washed in aloe vera and jojoba to soothe the feet and prevent sweating, odour, and bacteria.
    • Machine wash cold, do not bleach, do not iron.
    • Hang to dry for best results and longevity, gets softer with wear.