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Pilo Velvet Eye Pillow - White

pi-lo designs


organic white velvet cover with vintage linen damask lining

(cover is removable and hand washable)

filled with lavender, buckwheat, flax and beads to give a bit of weight

5 x 9.5"  ( 12 x 24 cm )


p i ‘ l o was started 25(!) years ago and is the creative child of heather shaw.  Started while at art school, it has evolved over the years as heather’s life has, but is still as much of a passion as it was when it first started.  The downtown warehouse studio was traded in 15 years ago for an old backyard studio behind her house in downtown Toronto that once housed a sausage factory.  It is a very calm and soothing space with lots of natural light and plenty of inspiration.  There are always amazing women who help with production and we like to think of it as a little sanctuary form the rest of the world.



We are proud to offer products made locally using supplies are chosen carefully and locally where possible. Everything is custom made in small batches by amazing women who work from their homes nearby. We only work with linen, cotton, hemp and vintage fabrics, most of which are either organic or untreated and natural.

We keep packaging to a minimum and avoid all plastic All orders are packaged carefully by hand in the hopes that it will be a special experience to open. 



We recommend washing everything by hand, hanging it to dry and lightly ironing if necessary.  If a bad stain or spot does happen, try this.  Use an old tooth brush.  Wet it and rub it in a bar of soap before scrubbing the spot.  (We have erased many marks by doing this...)