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Paper Flower Cards/Envelopes

Raincoast Books


Each exquisite paper flower in this elegant collection blooms with extraordinary detail and color. Eighteenth-century British artist Mary Delany created each piece by cutting and layering tiny pieces of paper on black ink backgrounds. The fine shading and depth are as intricately detailed as a botanical illustration and scientifically accurate as well. Printed on thick, textured paper, the set features sunflowers, rhododendron, cornflower, water lilies, and more. Perfect for any occasion that warrants beauty and sophistication.

Mary Delany was a 19th Century artist and member of the Bluestockings group. Mrs Delany described her medium as ‘paper mosaic,’ consisting of a collage of a multitude of finely cut coloured paper glued on a black ink background. At times she cut entire leaves or petals from one piece of paper over which she would arrange smaller cuts in order to create shading and depth, sometimes enhanced with watercolors. There are some examples where one flower alone contains over 200 paper petals. Her work was not only valued for its artistic qualities but also for its scientific accuracy.