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Kvas Beverage Company


 The perfect addition to any cocktail you can come up with!  Especially fabulous in your Old Fashioned or Cosmo.

Harvested from the most quality farms in Niagara, these hand-picked Ontario cherries are mixed with premium Canadian rye whisky, crushed black-pepper and our very own cherry-hibiscus syrup to bring you a whisky cherry unlike any other.

And these are Ontario Cherries!  Freshly picked, only available for a short time Ontario Cherries!  Which means these Black Pepper Whisky Cherries are also available for a short time until next summer!  

Try them in a Fabulous Rob Connery

2oz. Scotch Whisky

1oz. Kvas Black Pepper Whisky Cherry Juice

Kvas Black Pepper Whisky Cherry

Combine ingredients above in a ice-filled glass of your choice and enjoy.


Ingredients include hand sorted Niagara cherries, premium Niagara whisky and a black pepper cherry hibiscus syrup. You can use the syrup the cherries are in for a cocktail (cocktail recipe on the back).

12 Fl. oz (360 mL)



KVAS FBC. is owned by a husband and wife duo, Amy & Zac Kvas.

Together they work to drive the cocktail scene in Niagara, create the most premium cocktails syrups & garnishes, and give their much loved customers the confidence and ability to bartend at home or professionally.