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Just Between Us: Interactive Mother & Daughter Journal

Raincoast Books


Just Between Us: Interactive Mother & Daughter Journal is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

• BESTSELLING JOURNAL SERIES: First published over 10 years ago, Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter continues to be a bestseller! Now remade with new prompts, new art, and new interactive content, this journal is perfect for long-time fans and new journalers alike.
• MOTHER-DAUGHTER AUTHOR DUO: Meredith and Sofie Jacobs, the mother-daughter co-authors, started journaling together when Sofie was just nine years old. Today, they're still close, completing one another's sentences as they collaborate on special projects like this one! But they've also been in your shoes: they know both the joys and challenges of this most important relationship because they've lived it.
• INTERACTIVE CONTENT: Playful interactive content like sticker sheets, cardstock notecards, stencils, mantras, and certificates of appreciation add a whole new level of self-expression and communication. The journal includes writing prompts to get the conversation started and keep it going, as well as drawing activities to draw you out and keep it fun.
• FOR THE RELUCTANT JOURNALER: Perfect for a reluctant reader, writer, and journaler, it's full of drawing prompts and other interactive activities that don't require pages of writing which can sometimes feel like homework. Instead, engage with highly visual and interactive content, and play!
• SOCIO-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: This journal is filled with opportunities for socio-emotional learning, from prompts asking users to reflect on what matters to them and how they feel to stickers that reflect their daily emotions. In addition, it's filled with opportunities for gifting-from notecards to certificates to mantras-inviting users to listen to one another, and encourage one another.
• TIMELY: In a new age of feminism and #MeToo, mothers and daughters are eager to share more and uplift one another. This journal will facilitate those necessary conversations in fun, funny, and heartwarming ways by offering a safe space to be honest. Writing removes a layer of awkwardness by providing some distance, and will encourage vulnerability and truthfulness in those more reluctant to share.
• PERFECT GIFT: Perfect for Mother's Day gifting, as well as everyday gestures of appreciation and togetherness.


• Mothers and daughters
• Daughters looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift or everyday gift
• Mothers looking to build or maintain the bond they have with their daughter
• Fans of the original journal who are eager for new content
• Gift givers looking for a high-value interactive journal
• Anyone looking to promote socio-emotional learning