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Jenny Bird - Denni Stix Silver

jenny bird


A set of asymmetrical earrings with a teardrop effect. Wear one on each ear or if you have multiple piercings try both in a row on the same ear for a stacked effect. Finished in high-polish silver.

Model is also wearing the Sila Ear Cuff and mini hoop from the Foli Drop Earrings.**NOT INCLUDED**

silver-dipped brass
finish: high-polish
cylinder backing

product measurements
length (double drop): 1.04" / 2.66cm
length (single drop): 1.47" / 3.75cm
width (double drop): 0.06" / 0.17cm
width (single drop):  0.19" / 0.5cm
depth: 0.19" / 0.5cm
weight (double drop): 0.93oz / 2.64g
weight (single drop): 0.07oz / 1.96g