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Emily McDowell Sorry You're Sick

Emily McDowell Designs


Whilst well-meaning, we can sometimes put our foot in it, with good intentions at heart...

As the artist, Emily McDowell explains

"if you've been sick, or you've been close to a sick person, you know that people in these situations are generally pretty educated on their treatment options (they have the internet too) and have made the decisions they feel are best for them. It's really exhausting to have to defend your choices to people who are almost never as informed as you are about your condition. And yet.

If you buy a sick person this card, I promise they will a) laugh, and b) feel relieved that you understand."

The card comes from the studios of Emily McDowell. It is professionally offset printed in Los Angeles, onto heavyweight matte stock, using environmentally friendly soy inks. The card comes with a kraft brown envelope.

Card size: A smidge under A6 (10.8cm x 14cm).