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Pamuk Dryer Balls (s/6)



Pamuk Dryer Balls (s/6) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Our eco friendly dryer balls make the perfect compliment to your pamuk.

100% wool handmade with our newest partners, empowering socially and economically disadvantaged women of rural Nepal.

Our dryer balls make doing your laundry easy peasy, while being environmentally friendly and promoting sustainable living. Just toss three in your dryer and enjoy all the benefits!

Benefits -

  • Eco friendly and made from renewable, natural wool

  • Saves you time & money by reducing the energy required to dry your clothes

  • Shortens drying time

  • Softens fabrics without the harsh effects of chemicals

  • Waste free

  • Lasts over 500 loads with regular use

We recommend using three balls per dry cycle (white for light items and grey for dark items)

Comes in a set of 3 XL wool balls and our signature 100% cotton pamuk storage bag.