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Chandler Mocha Honey

Chandler Honey


A rich and sophisticated cocoa and coffee blend infused into creamy white prairie honey.



  • Small Size (140g) perfect for a sweet treat with a spoon, a gift, charcuterie boards, or drizzling on top of toast. 
  • Medium Size (250g) perfect for cooking recipes, dipping in tea or coffee, and savouring a bit longer.


  • Canadian raw honey
  • coffee
  • cocoa powder
  • cocao nibs 
  • nothing more!



Chandler Honey is always packaged in recyclable Italian glass with metal lids, as well as a paper seal to know you’re getting a fresh jar. We think premium honey deserves a glass home, rather than plastic. 

Honey Sourcing

All honey is sourced exclusively from the Chandler family farm in Scandia, Alberta (Scandia Honey Company), which has been in operation since 1937. With a single supplier, we can be sure our honey is pure, unadulterated, and fresh. Our team personally prefers the light colour and flavour of Canadian prairie honey to all else. Here is a link to more information about our process and some FAQs. 


Store at room temperature and always keep the lid on when not in use. Shelf life is 5 years (and beyond!) due to the low water content of honey that does not allow bacteria to grow. 

To make the honey lower in viscosity (more runny in texture), give the jar a warm water bath. Never microwave honey, as it effectively pasteurizes the product and kills all of the good enzymes and bacteria. 

Allergies & Risks

Do not feed honey to infants under 1 year old. All raw honey contains enzymes and bacteria that may be too difficult for their little tummies to handle.

All raw honey contains trace amounts of pollen and other bee products such as propolis. Raw honey can be beneficial for people with seasonal allergies, but please be aware that it may cause an allergic reaction in rare cases. 


Nutritional Information


All of our honey at Chandler Honey is sourced from my family’s farm in Scandia, Alberta, Canada, where I grew up. My parents' company, Scandia Honey Company, has been in operation since 1937, and they proudly produce 100% pure, raw honey.

I have been experimenting with honey flavours for years, carefully adding the best ingredients by hand to the honey. Our ingredient list for each infused product is very short and simple, with no oils, extracts, or ‘shortcut’ ingredients.

Infused honey is a delicate balance of water content. If too much water is added to the honey, it will lose the properties of honey that prevent it from spoiling. Because of the dryness of prairie honey, we get a larger buffer for adding ingredients – all while still being confident our honey will not spoil.

Our team personally prefers the light colour and flavour of Canadian prairie honey to all else. Try it and you’ll agree! Process

The raw honey from Alberta is transported to Toronto, added to our small-batch creaming machine, and carefully creamed for 24 hours. Our creaming machine gently stirs the honey at a uniform speed, which makes the honey take on a smaller and smoother granulation. This gives our honey an even and creamy texture, without adding chemicals, using excess heat, or ultrafiltering.

After creaming, all our ingredients are added by hand and gently stirred into the honey.

We then gently stir for 24 more hours in the creaming machine, which allows the honey to be fully infused with flavour. It is then poured into jars by hand, with love added every step of the way.