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Broody Hen Face Mask M

Collected Joy


Broody Hen Face Mask M is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

No mask is the same and I get what I get from the designer bc she is working with remnants and creates accordingly! 

So there are two options to ordering these:

1. you order sight unseen and wing it and enjoy the mystery and surprise

2. you email me at sharon@collected-joy.com and we will send you options of what we have in stock at the time ... 


Locally made 100% Cotton, double sided, fun fabrics non-medical face masks! 

Made from fabric scraps left over from quilting. 

Mask Maintenance 

*this mask does not replace a medical grade mask* 

  • Avoid touching mask while wearing it. Try to handle it only by the ear loops. To safely remove it, remove both ear loops, fold in half and put in a bag or basket. 
  • Wash hands before and after touching mask and filter inserts. Filters can be paper towel, coffee filters or medical grade filters. Cut filter to size, roll up, insert into the slit and spread out evenly in between fabric layers. Dispose of filters after each use. 
  • Wash masks with soap and hot water in between each use
  • Keep mask dry
  •  Wear mask with the filter slit at the bottom (at your chin) 
  • Make sure to only wear one side of the fun fabrics facing out at a time, only switch to alternative side of mask after washing.