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Thank You Box

Raincoast Books


A fun collection of colorful, elegant thank-you cards designed by five talented artists

•Great for the whole family. Kids, teens, and adults will be able to find the perfect card in this versatile assortment of blank thank you cards.
•20 thank-you cards to send to everyone in your life.Teachers, coworkers, grandparents, friends, mentors, scoutmasters, bridesmaids, and more will enjoy receiving one of these delightful cards.
•Unique art by five artists.Each of the artists featured in the collection offers four beautiful designs to match all occasions. Artists are organized by envelope color: five artists, five envelope colors.
•A festive boxed set. The playful matchbook-style box slides open to reveal twenty different cards in twenty designs, with envelopes in green, blue, red, orange, and yellow.
•A great gift for stationery and paper lovers.

Features art by:

• Leah Duncan
• Blanca Gomez
• Maria-Ines Gul
• Becca Stadtlander
• Fotini Tikkou