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Akai Ramen Bowl

akai ceramics


I am obsessed with Ramen ... love it!  it's become my favourite go-to meal when we go out for a last minute dinner ... and i'm starting to try to perfect the broth and noodles at home which means i'm in need of the best ramen bowl ... enter Akai Ceramics and their latest creation ... big, gorgeous and absolutely perfect for your hot and spicy bowl of flavour sensations!  (also great for a simple pasta dish or your fave salads!)

 9" diametre, 4" height


 AKAI CERAMIC STUDIO is a small, family-owned studio, operated by  Yusuke, and my wife, Naomi who have been creating our ceramics in their east end studio since September 2012. Akai excels in simple, timeless, beautiful (yet fun!), easy-to-use forms.  They believe in the beauty of functional design, and hope the tableware will add colour to your life. 

All ceramics meet health and safety standards, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe.