Hugo and Nate

HUGO : So, Nate and I were travelling ’round France some time ago and came across something that looked familiar.  A little rectangle jobby, amber in colour, wrapped all clean in a clear cello twist.  Given our attraction to most things sweet, we bought a couple and sat down to eat them up.  Familiarity went right out the window on that first, unforgettable bite.  Sheer heaven, really!  What we always thought to be caramel, was nothing like this.  Let me tell you, delicate, rich and toasty, and quite literally on the edge of being set.  And the butter…..OOOHHH the butter!

NATE : Right, the butter.  Man alive!  Hugo couldn’t have described it better.  We decided in that moment that we needed to sort out that magical formula and somehow, deliver the goods back home.  Confectioners to the bone, we worked tirelessly to hammer out the right mix…. We have tested and tasted (and tasted), and can finally bring a bit of that love to you!

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