Hoi Bo

Hoi Bo is defined by the symbiotic relationship between shape, structure and process. Their aesthetic sensibility arises from the essence and functionality of the product; nothing is superfluous. Because they care passionately about quality, all of their pieces are made by hand in-house. Each detail is meticulously considered, with a deep respect for the interaction between the wearer and the object. Their bags are designed for what they will become once they leave the shop, softening and shaping to become a deeply personal reflection of you.


dry wax


This is a unique, proprietary technique that results in a wonderful balance between how the material softens with use while retaining enough body to hold the form and contents of the bag. Using pure Ontario beeswax, we put the fabric through four to six stages of hand waxing, followed by six stages of hand polishing and finishing. Because we don’t use oils, the bags are initially quite stiff. Over time, and with use, they develop a beautiful suppleness and rich patina. Bags are water and soil repellent and exceptionally durable.

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